How to save your templates

How to save your templates


2. Contributing data


2c. Saving and naming templates after you’ve finished entering your data into the templates


To ensure correct insertion of your data into the database, templates must be saved in tab-delimited format.


  • For files created in Microsoft Office, you will need to save your templates as tab-delimited text (.txt) files.
  • For files created in OpenOffice or LibreOffice, you will need to save your templates as Text CSV (.csv), encoded in Unicode (UTF-8), with the {Tab} field separator, and no text separator.


The names you give to your files should also follow a standard format. Please name all of your completed templates following the format:


  • Datafile creator_date of creation(DDMMYYY format)_ dataset name_template type


For example, a completed site template file name would look like this: Leigh_31122014_LeighC_GulfRivers_Site




You are now ready to insert your saved, completed templates into the IRBAS database!! 


To start the insertion process, go to the 'Insert data' page



3. How to insert your completed templates into the database


  • FRB