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  • In freshwater systems, relevant information on the dispersal of many taxa remains scattered or unpublished, and biological traits related to organisms’ morphology, life history and behaviour offer useful dispersal proxies. The DISPERSE database...

  • s-DIV et le CESAB se sont regroupés à la conférence BES/SFE de décembre 2014 à Lille pour organiser un stand qui représentait les centres de synthèse. De gauche à droite, Martin Winter (s-DIV), Bruno Fady et Magali Grana (CESAB).

  • We live on a blue planet. Yet freshwater makes up only 3 % of all water on earth, 2 % of which is locked up in snow and ice, leaving just 1 % for all of us to use. The availability of clean freshwater is vital for life, humans and nature alike....


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