IRSTEA Lyon, France

Applied statistics in hydrology
Flood and low flow frequency analysis
Hydrological risk assessment
Climate change impact on water resource management

Eric Sauquet is a senior researcher in Hydrology and Applied Climatology. He received an engineering degree in Water Resources and Management in 1995 and a PhD in Hydrology in 2000 from the INPG University of Grenoble, France. Prior to joining Cemagref (now Irstea) in 2001, he worked at the National Hydraulics and Environment Laboratory of Electricit√© de France. His research focuses on geostatistical modelling for mapping river discharges, spatio-temporal variability in river flow regimes and the evaluation of environmental and economic impacts of climate change on water resources. He is currently the leader of the applied climatology and statistical hydrology group of the hydrology-hydraulics research unit at Irstea, Lyon, France. He has published widely on the characterization of river flow regimes, the identification of links between climate and sub-surface hydrology, and the impact of climate change on water resources. He is skilled in developing flow intermittence metrics, detecting trends in these metrics and building tools to predict flow intermittence in rivers.


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