Environmental scientist
NIWA Christchurch, New Zealand

Landscape ecology
Ecosystem processes
Invertebrate and algal community ecology

Kia ora! I am an environmental scientist who has great enthusiasm and moderate expertise in many fields. I have worked in ecosystem, community and physiological ecology, hydrodynamics, biogeochemistry, and water quality on coral reefs, estuaries, temperate reefs, lakes, rivers and aquifers. I am currently a principal scientist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand (NIWA). Before my New Zealand era, I worked on coral reefs for a PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology at University of Hawaii, then on tropical stream ecology as a National Science Foundation post-doc. From Hawaii, I moved to the US EPA Western Ecology Division in Oregon, where I worked on freshwater and marine biogeochemistry and biotic invasions. I moved to NIWA in 2001, where I work on problems in river hydrology, water allocation, water quality, restoration, intermittent rivers, and groundwater ecology, among (many) other things.


  • FRB