IRBAS brings together an international research team of productive scientists with extensive experience in intermittent river ecology, hydrological analysis and statistical modelling.

IRBAS Core Participants: Thibault DATRY, Catherine LEIGH, Núria BONADA, Clifford DAHM, Bernard HUGUENY, Scott LARNED, Eric SAUQUET and Klement TOCKNER.

IRBAS Affiliated Participants:  Andrew BOULTON, Bernard DUMONT, Ken FRITZ and Hervé PELLA.

The IRBAS project and core team are also supported by an outstanding group of research assistants, students and volunteers: Quitterie Blanchard, Kim Fike, Tony Herrera, Jasper Hoeve, Pierre Mancini, Alex Niese, Francisco Peñas, Maria Soria, Katrina Velasco and Stefan de Vries. The network of contributors to and supporters of IRBAS continues to grow.

The IRBAS team acknowledge and thank these researchers and their colleagues: Vicenç Acuña, Michael Bogan, Michele Burford, Jennifer Courtwright, Mike Dettinger, Martin Dieterich, Laura Drummond, Larry Eaton, Nancy Grimm, Evan Harrison, Mark Kennard, Mark Ledger, Christine May, Raphael Mazor, Narcis Prat, Vince Resh, Fran Sheldon, Richard Storey, Rachel Stubbington, Paul Wood, Ross Vander Vorste and Richard Walker.

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