Thibault DATRY

Thibault DATRY (Project leader)
Freshwater ecologist
IRSTEA Lyon, France

Temporary river ecology
Community ecology
Surface water-ground water interactions
Hyporheic ecology

Hi, I’m a freshwater ecologist in IRSTEA, Lyon, France. During my PhD at the University of Lyon, I examined the responses of groundwater ecosystems to artificial recharge in the Rhône River alluvial aquifer. I then conducted a two-year postdoc at NIWA (Christchurch, New Zealand), examining the effects of river drying on biogeochemical and biological processes occurring in the hyporheic zone of an intermittent river in the Canterbury Plains. After that, I moved to IRSTEA Lyon, where I currently work as a Freshwater Scientist leading several research projects related to hyporheic and intermittent river ecology. Some of these projects examine the organization and interactions of aquatic and terrestrial communities in intermittent rivers; others quantify resistance and resilience mechanisms used by the organisms to persist in these ecosystems; another examines the large-scale distributions of intermittent rivers across river networks using regionalization techniques. Two PhD students are currently focusing on intermittent rivers in my group: Roland Corti examines terrestrial communities of dry riverbeds, while Ross Vander Vorste looks at aquatic community resistance and resilience in intermittent rivers with contrasted spatial drying patterns.


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